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2006.11.13 20:38:42 (113.)
István 22
alayon650 #164999:
Hy! Yes,it would be good or you could to send it to e-mail...lot of thanks
2006.11.13 14:17:39 (112.)
Kiccsaj #161874:
do you want a photo of me ore somethin else
2006.11.13 14:10:03 (111.)
Kiccsaj #161874:
hi thanks, and yes the front suspention is made by me
2006.11.10 23:32:29 (110.)
Bikádi Gábor #164481:
Warum?? Wo ist die Deutsch topic??
Ich möchte deutsche sprechen!!
2006.11.10 21:45:49 (109.)
Bikádi Gábor
CsuTee #164474:
Nein,das ist ein English topic! : o)
2006.11.10 21:29:39 (108.)
Schuldigung! Hier ist macht deutsche sprechen?? :D
2006.11.10 17:39:01 (107.)
abarth #164335:
Congratulations! That's not a bad price for it anyway.
Could you scan it for us, please? ;) :D
2006.11.10 07:13:28 (106.)
Thanks for the effort, i already found one on ebay italia, for 10 euro's
2006.11.09 17:03:28 (105.)
abarth #164141:
If you didn't find it on this page, then I don't think so. It's not so easy to find it. If some of us would have it scanned or something, then it would be shown on this page. Maybe we could traslate the parts you need, and email 'em.
2006.11.09 12:19:05 (104.)
Thanks, but does someone here has haynes scanned or something?
2006.11.09 11:34:43 (103.)
Bikádi Gábor
abarth #164132:
I like your car very much!Its beautiful! :)
2006.11.09 11:32:29 (102.)
abarth #164132:
Hi, I was looking for but I never seen a translation of this manual to English. As I know in English probably the Haynes is the best available.
2006.11.09 11:23:44 (101.)

Is there also a copy of the english workshop manual (javítási kézikönyv) for the 126P.
Because the english manual of 126BIS is a different engine,

2006.10.30 10:14:26 (100.)
alayon650 #161870:
Peace, man!
I like that front suspension. :D :D Did you built it?

Is your car a polish made Fiat 126 or an italian? (I know that they were both made in Poland in the end of the production era, but they wore different badges.)
2006.10.29 23:44:40 (99.)
alayon650 #161870:
Hi! Woow your car is so sexy! :) Howe are you? :)
2006.10.29 22:54:08 (98.)
hi everybody i´m back
2006.09.02 13:53:40 (97.)
a dont have internet now , please send me any problem to
2006.07.20 15:35:19 (96.)
Márti #138070:
Hola de nuevo:
Bueno que te puedo decir, aqui el polski es bastante caro. su precio oscila entre los 3000 4000 hasta 5000 dolares, y si cambias eso a moneda cubana te daras cuenta que es mas o menos 100 000 pesos , que eso es mucho dinero, aqui los tienen los que el estado se los alla dado, u otra persona que se lo pueda comprar a alguien particular, las piezas son carisimas y escasean, por ejemplo hace poco yo tuve que comprar un cigueñal, y un arbol de levas que me costaron como 250 dolares en total, y si a eso le pones que el salario es de 400 pesos al mes, ya tu podras sacar la cuenta, realmente todo es muy dificil, pero bueno, con piezas caseras y llantas reparadas van caminando, realmente no es un hobby es una necesidad, lo que pasa es que nos gusta tenerlos lo mas Tunning que podamos y que caminen bien, respecto a la pagina ern internet, estamos trabajando en ello, vamos a ver como nos queda.
Cualquier otra cosa que quieras saber dimelo.
Saludos Julio.
2006.07.12 22:02:33 (95.)
alayon650 #137972:
Hola! He visto las fotos, son muy chulas! Pues, me alegro mucho y espero las noticias sobre el club cubano. Tiene ya página web? Yo pienso que nuestro club y también esta página está montada muy-muy bien; aqui todos somos aficionados de polski y uno ayuda a otro en cosas technicas o buscar piezas etc. Como una gran familia... En Cuba que tipo de gente tiene polski? Aqui más bien los jovenes, como primer coche o coche de hobby. Equi lo puedes comprar baratissimo, y las piezas tambien son muy baratas y sobre todo encontras todas las piezas que buscas! Y por allí? Tengo amigos en Espana, y aunque por alli el polski es un modelo poco conocido, intentaré buscar algo manual en español especialmente para vuestro club, vale? Saludos!!!
2006.07.12 16:31:06 (94.)
Márti #137206:
Si , soy de Cuba, y aqui hay muchos polskis, si quieres ver fotos entra a mi perfil en el club y buscalas, ademas Naoo y yo estamos haciendo el club cubano, vamos a ver como nos va.
2006.07.08 23:14:41 (93.)
naooh1 #132477:
Saludos a todos los Cubanos! Yo no lo habia imaginado que hay Polski en Cuba! Vaya sorpresa! Cargad más fotos, yo las cargaré la semana que viene!
Hasta pronto!
2006.07.08 23:11:24 (92.)
alayon650 #137145:
Hola! Eres de Cuba o es una broma?
2006.07.08 17:53:13 (91.)
nyuszy #135626:

Hi, i like to make a 12v air conditoner for my car if you have or can find any data sheet please send me by mail , thak's you
2006.07.02 10:52:51 (90.)
naooh1 #135615:
I've never seen any in digital :(
2006.07.02 07:01:43 (89.)
please, somebody has a manual in English or Spanish of the 126 p.
2006.06.22 14:27:54 (88.)
István 22 #132947:
there is no problem
send me a mail, to, and i send you the sizes
2006.06.19 22:20:31 (87.)
István22: Circuit is good?
2006.06.19 22:16:42 (86.)
István 22
naooh1 #132477:you have really nice car!!! take care
2006.06.19 22:15:37 (85.)
István 22
alayon650 #132281:
hy! and could you send the sizes of the home made bases?
2006.06.19 04:41:14 (84.)
thank you are very kind
2006.06.18 09:41:52 (83.)
naooh1 #132477:
Your car is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
2006.06.18 00:47:32 (82.)
hi everybody, I'm a cuban member and I send my car photo. Do you liked?
2006.06.16 06:42:20 (81.)
hi everybody here you have a front suspention made by us, if you need any information contact me here or send me a mail
2006.06.12 02:30:02 (80.)
nyuszy #131236:

I´m gona shot some photos of each part and send to you, in that way you can have an idea of that
2006.06.11 13:43:46 (79.)
István 22
mirec_pn #131052:im in PN yet,but afternoon im going home.yesterday was a fiat meeting,i wanted meet with you time.and yes she is my girlfriend...
2006.06.10 19:45:11 (78.)
alayon650 #130733:
So here can be seen the image:
2006.06.09 20:49:57 (77.)
mirec_pn #131052:
The world seems to be too small... :)
2006.06.09 19:57:36 (76.)
István 22 > Hello Istvan. Your car i don't see yet, but your girlfriend I know. She living about 100 metres from my work.
She have a red car with two white strap... :) Give a message, when you will came to Piestany...
2006.06.09 07:46:01 (75.)
Calcio #130929:

Come entra il Polski con questo sito?
2006.06.09 01:41:57 (74.)
Chi ha fatto questo? È un buon posto per trovare le informazioni importanti! :)
2006.06.08 13:21:40 (73.)
Schäffer Szilvia
alayon650 #130733:
just click on his name and you'll see how you can contact him ;)
2006.06.08 13:12:59 (72.)
nyuszy #130713:
the problem is the size is about 1.22mega, but i cant compress, so tell me your mail
2006.06.08 09:24:14 (71.)
alayon650 #130708:
Or you can send it to me via email, and I upload it somewhere and make available for everyone.
2006.06.08 08:03:56 (70.)
alayon650 #130708: You can upload it on your website (or any other free storage place) and put a link here or you can save it as a jpg and upload it to your pictures. We prefer the first solution. :)
2006.06.08 07:17:29 (69.)
nyuszy #130264:
I made a drawing of a front suspention, but i dont have how to put it here, is made in microsoft windows paint.
2006.06.07 15:33:33 (68.)
Emre #130540:
This site is a Polish version of e-bay:
Try it, maybe you can find. Or you could try to contact one of part sellers, maybe they could buy a new camshaft and send it to you via post.
2006.06.07 15:17:47 (67.)
Thank you,
Do you know poland web sites or adress to ask this part?
In begining of 90's a lot of bis (water and air cooled) came Turkey.I can find used parts but ý want to find buy knew
I try to find in e bay.
2006.06.07 15:08:57 (66.)
Emre #130527:
I think it's hard to find in Hungary too. I'm sure it can be bought in Poland or probably you can find on UK E-Bay, there are lot of BIS's and always can find a lot of used parts.
If you can't find it let me know and I try to ask for it at Hungarian car parts shops.
2006.06.07 14:53:02 (65.)
I'm from Turkey.And I have 91 model year 126 bis(water cooled).But ý have problem with the engine.I find some parts but ý cant find camshaft.
can anyone help me abaut my problem?is it availeble? price? etc...
2006.06.06 15:18:57 (64.)
nyuszy #130264:

ok, i gona shot some photos and draw some diagrams for all of you, for example, we adapt munsonetics from subaru vivio,
or daewoo tico and eliminate ruber couplings, from back traction.




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